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We are heartbroken over the death of George Floyd while in police custody last week and strongly
believe that those responsible must be held accountable. It is distressing to see the pain and grief that many people are feeling,
and the disturbances that are rocking the country, as they shed a fresh light on longstanding social injustice and racism that
continue to fester in our society. These events also remind us that the mental health of all our citizens is of utmost importance,
especially right now as we deal with the twin stressors of the COVID-19 pandemic and senseless killings of African-Americans.
Throughout Florida, our mental health and substance use treatment providers are focused on a mission of ensuring
that everyone in their communities has access to high-quality health services. As an association committed to the health
and wellbeing of all people, regardless of race, we will continue to focus on understanding social determinants of health to
assist our patients as individuals and we are committed to having conversations about the continued impact of
institutional racism on mental health.

We feel that the National Council for Behavioral Health said it best: “Unless we address social injustice issues throughout
the county and come face to face with racism in our communities we will never be fully healthy – physically or mentally.”

Read the full statement from the National Council for Behavioral Health below.
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Florida Behavioral Health Association (FBHA)

FBHA is a new version of two organizations – Florida Council for Community Mental Health and Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association – that have a long history of advocating on behalf of behavioral health treatment providers.

FBHA is the state’s largest trade association representing community treatment providers with a united voice. FBHA serves as a trusted source of information, advances policy initiatives, and advocates for better behavioral health for all Floridians.


InformWe provide training, education, and awareness on mental illness and substance use disorders. 


InnovateWe provide opportunities for members of our community and the state to network, share best practices, and develop innovative ideas for treating Floridians.


InfluenceWe use our united voice to advocate at the Florida Capitol for better behavioral health prevention, treatment, and recovery services.

our guiding principles
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Individuals with behavioral health issues need more prevention, treatment and recovery programs.
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There is no “one size fits all” approach to treatment; treatment plans must be tailored to the individual.
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Substance use disorder and mental illness are intrinsically linked, and treatment should take both into consideration.
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Individuals with substance use disorder and mental illness can be treated, and recovery is possible.
Adults in Florida experience a mental illness
Adults in Florida live with a serious mental illness
Americans need treatment for drug- or alcohol-related problems
Floridians die each day of opioid overdoses
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1958: FCCMH Is Incorporated
The purpose of FCCMH is to promote the welfare of persons with behavioral health disorders and those needing behavioral health services.
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1981: FADAA Is Incorporated
FADAA's mission is to serve its members by advancing addiction and co-occurring treatment, prevention, and research through communications, professional development, and public policy leadership.
2018: FCCMH and FADAA Form FBHA
The Florida Behavioral Health Association is the voice of Florida’s behavioral health industry.
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Sandy Neidert
Florida Office of the State Courts Administrator

Thank you again for all of your assistance! We are fortunate to have you and FADAA as partners in our judicial branch opioid initiative!

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FBHA provides timely news to its members and the public on trends in behavioral health. FBHA is also a resource for members of the media on issues relating to mental health and substance use disorder.

The Florida Behavioral Health Association is the voice of Florida’s behavioral health industry.

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